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Fan Mail, Mr. Sam Neill
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Hi All,

It also is a known fact that he is well known as the actor of the intelligent women... That tickles him... Those who harvest grain, must know the art of growing... Sam is an admirer of flowers; especially ones that bring him some kind of pleasure to his life and memory... Therefore the flower that appears on the bottle of "Two Paddocks" is a gentle reminder of someone; and a time of reflection...

Sam also finds certain herbs healing... For instance" Lavender OIL." (Relaxing) most likely can read the most abstruse writings, if it pleases him... Always pursuing inner growth; so no matter what situations arises, he will have the art to face it...

Not "all" women appreciate Sam's looks... I myself wear the scars of content infighting about, "WHO is Sam Neill? What in Hell do you see in this guy?? Here is where you either get it? Or you don't!

So you go around wearing this token of distinction.. No accolades, certainly no Brownie points; but it is worn honorably as I appreciate the man and his works... It's like leaving one stage and entering another... So "Sam is Sam!" He is to me a mile marker on my own path of life... Yes being a Sam Neill admirer is not an easy road; but I sure do like the pavement... :)
~ Mary Ann Christoff


to sam neill hi my name is peter wilkes I am big fan so you sam the little boy called you the dinouar man. I like to be calles the hamster man because I love hamsters ask steven spielbery if he can do me half hamster and half tex and like to be called the electric man because I love electric bikes I wood like to meet you sam neill I had a hamster her name was called alie from Jurassic park she talk to me in her little way I wood like to go to the 1st park so you can show me around. from peter wilke. telford shorshire. August 20, 2016.

Skvely herec a clovek. Mam ho velmi rad. Sik Miroslav. Liberec, Czech Republic. Translation by "Brilliant actor and person. I got him [consider him] a very rad." December 7, 2013.

Just saw (My Brilliant Career) for frist time it was such a great film a very moving story. Judy Davis and Sam Neill where sublime, I`m a actress myself and every much inspired by their work. Take care, Mary. Mary Simmons. Bellingham, Washington USA. January 10, 2013.

I will never forget the Alcatraz's end (june 11, 11pm)...because I thought "what will happen" and five minutes later a pick up crashed into my house's garden and my rough collie ran away. but I looked for him among the rubble, and the police and the firemen. He was dissapared 10 days!!! I'm a fan since "the omen III" and I can't say what is my favourite, Omen? Enigma? Amerika? really I don't know, The best for you!!! sorry for my english. Graciela Fiori. Buenos Aires - República Argentina. December 13, 2012.

Happy Birthday Sam !! You're my number one favorite actor ! I really really love Alcatraz and others movies too , so please keep doing what you love to do !! I love to watch too ! (sorry for my language , I'm not good at english...) Thorn Stitwitya. Thailand. September 14, 2012.

I am one of Mr. Sam Neill's fans, he is an accomplished, very talented and good looking actor. I wish him all the BEST. Mary. IRAN. July 27, 2012.

Sam is extremely hot. He has rugged good looks and I would love to rock his world. Cyndi. Texas. June 23, 2012.

Good job, mates! This homepage is the thing I searched for all my life! My friends think, samm neill is ugly and untalented, but just when I saw his acting in Merlin, he was my favourite actor!I´m happy that now I found people who support me and have the same interests. I mean, I´m 50 years old now, and of course, Brad Pitt or Shia LaBeouf are too young for me. I prefer men with experience in every aspect ;) just look at this wonderful photo on this page. This is the unspoken image of my best dreams, I would also really like to experience him in bed. Do you have any tips to seduce him? He´s so beautiful! okay I think now you know how extreme I am, but I hope you have the same fantasies and together we can give Sam the satisfaction he needs (oh yes, he needs a lot, just look at his face expression) :D Hot and wet greetings from Sam´s one and only. Llasevren Ohwenoeht. New Zealand. June 12, 2012.

Great website, I mean, what is there not to like? Sam's claim to fame is the Jurassic Park Series. Who else could come across as so cool and collected than Sam? Answer, no one could, but Sam himself. Sam is a great actor. We love his style and definitely, are serious fans of Sam. Talk about a charismatic! Well, Sam abounds with a charismatic personality. All the best to this great actor. Ken Malkin. Davie, Florida. March 15, 2012.

Hi there! Great site ! Kinda stumbled upon it whilst looking for Alcatraz info..I miss it already ! So hope that it gets renewed for second season ! I did not realize he had such a great expanse of work in films and directing. So the site is very informative. I like many probaby know him best from Jurassic Park and onwards. Thanks ! Carole Anne Elliott. Just North of Toronto, Canada ! April 3, 2012.

My favorite actor since first seeing him in Omen III. Favorite movie is Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III. Lynn Kilburn. Springhill, FL USA. March 15, 2012.

My favorite actor since first seeing him in Omen III. Favorite movie is Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III. Lynn Kilburn. Springhill, FL USA. March 15, 2012.

I Love Sam Neill, this site is awesome ^_^ he's so sexy, and I think I'm the only teenager in the world to think so. But that doesn't matter. This website is great. Love you guys! Sarah. Kansas, USA. March 11, 2012.

I have been a fan of Sam Neill for many years, since I saw him in The Hunt for Red October. I have seen many of his films, but I really can't say what is my favorite. I love them all. Am very happy to see him in the new series Alcatraz, which my husband and I are enjoying very much. I was involved in the original website, working with Erika Grams. I helped create the bibliography, and it was a lot of fun. That no longer exists, I guess because now there is the and such. Anyway, lots of good memories. You've got a great site here, and thanks for all your hard work. Betsy Pearson. Illinois, USA. February 26, 2012.

I had a strong facination with this guy whether he is an actor or not. I wonder how it is like to be married to him and live with him for the rest of my life. Aurora. USA. January 19, 2012.

It's geliale!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite filmS is Jurassic Park I,III and Merlin. It's wonderful!!!! solene. January 11, 2012.

this is in humble appreciation of sam of my favourite actors.....i hav seen d films sleeping dogs,omen 3 etc....but my all time favourite is JURASSIC PARK...u r absolutely fantabulous......i luv ur acting......i first saw j.park as a kid..n even now in 17..i am watching it from tym to tym...u r a great actor...i wish u all d best for ur life...n career... ajay. India. November 23, 2011.

I have adored Sam Neill for the past 30 years. I first saw him in "My Brilliant Career" when I was 9 years old. Even at that young age I couldn't understand how she could choose a writing career over Sam!! Jeanne. Brisbane, Australia. November 18, 2011.

One of my favorite movies is Jurassic Park. He played his charcter so well he became that charcter and immersed himself within that role. Instead of me seeing Sam Neill on the big screen, I saw DR. Alan Grant. Truly an awesome performance! Travis Kevin Barriteau. Glenn Dale, Maryland. September 9, 2011.

Oh my Gosh! I first saw Mr Neill in the Omen when i was very young and have been a fan ever since,, but i love him in Jurassic Park,, he's just to handsome,, I'm a big Fan..Love ya Sam.....I'm So excited that i found this site.... Janelle Mojica. Lubbock, Texas. September 5, 2011.

This is honestly one of my favourite websites! I found it about four years ago and lately rediscovered it. Please never stop running this website. I am about 80% convinced that what my life needs is a job working for Two Paddocks. Can you imagine how great that would be? I can! David. London. September 1, 2011.

just wanted 2 say big fan n aloha from Oahu. started watching all of sams movies on Netflix luv it. anastasia kuroda. Waianae, Hi. August 12, 2011.

Just watched Reilly.ace of spies. I,ve seen it before, wonderful performance. I!ve been a fan ever since. Joe kashanek. North Andover, MA. USA. July 9, 2011.

hello there, I visited this site a few times,but never had the intention to write.But tonight i'm all alone and bored ,so.. Since a long time I have an admiration for Mr. Neill, I never send fanmail or so, I think it's a bit childish at my age ( 50) and I think he never gets to see it or he is certainly not interested.My husband died three years ago ,and now I'm looking for a new partner,I just hope he will be Sam Neill number 2: good looking,taste for clothing, a sweet man. What else should I ask more ??:-)As for the rest,he's a good actor.Will you tell him that? Many greetings and sorry for my english. Patricia. Belgium. June 7, 2011.

Reilly, Ace of Spies series was wonderful, not to be missed! Ann. US. June 10,2011.

I've been a huge fan of Sam's since Kane & Abel. And this past weekend I was fortunate enough to finally get to meet him. He is without the doubt the nicest celebrity I've ever had the fortune to meet. He was kind, gracious and patient with this rambling fan. I was so nervous as Jurassic Park is one of my all time favourite movies that I began to shake. Mr Neill patiently listen to me rambling on and then he signed me some autographs. He is so, so, so nice and so humble and gracious. Meeting Sam is the highlight of my year which hasn't been all that fantastic. You can read about my meeting with Sam on my blog. David Seow. Singapore. April 13, 2011.

I have been on a movie watching thread (where one movie naturally leads into another by reason of theme or actors) and through out my viewing, my favorite movies have included Sam Neill. And i have developed a true appreciation for his work and how he presents himself; very talented actor. LOVED him in The Piano, The Tudors, and Angel. I am now on my way to viewing some more of his earlier movies. Any way to get autographed photos of him? I did notice 2 addresses, would I use one of them? This is one of the best websites for actors that I have visited. Beautiful photographs, complete listing and great news on the winery. I live in New York State Wine country and will have to seek out the wine for sure! Kathleen Kosel. Webster, New York. April 4, 2011.
WSN Staff: You may write to Mr. Neill at the addresses above.

Love Sam Neill : ) Christina. Roseville CA. February 11, 2011.

WSN Staff offers a sincere apology to the guest who signed a couple weeks ago, for mistakingly deleting her very kind remarks on Mr. Neill.

When Sam is in a film that is automatically a good recomendation. One of my favorites would be his role as the king in Restoration. Marina Newby. Calgary Alberta Canada. October 6, 2010.

Just a quick note to let you know how awesome it is that you've set up a Sam Neill fan page :) All of my friends tired of hearing me gabber on and on about how great he is AGES ago so it's nice to see an entire page dedicated to that fact! Thanks again! Maise Random. July 30, 2010.

Sam Niell acted great in Kane and Abel. I would love to get in touch with him, do you have a contact email for him? Can someone please send me a copy of Amerika, I have heard so much about it, I'd love to watch it. Please email me. Sheldon Egbert. Melbourne, Australia. July 20, 2010. [WSN staff: Contact info for Mr. Neill is at the top of this page. For Sam Neill films, contact your favorite DVD store.]

I have very much enjoyed the excellent performances of Sam Neill (he has been particularly good in the Tudors as Cardinal Woolsey) and hope that he is aware of how much enjoyment he has provided so many of us. Perhaps this website will be one way of conveying this to him. John Young. Vienna Virginia USA. June 6, 2010.

Dear Sam, I invite you for a diner in St'Tropez if you are in the south of france. I live close by. But I am sure you will never accept that! Because i am a stranger that admire you the most! Bisou! Kim Marianne. The Netherlands/ France. May 22, 2010.

I just want to say to Sam, thank you for all your wonderfull work in all your films, If I ever had a chanche to meet you in real life I would have love to have a diner with you, to feel your energie. I can't say why I always liked you, Even when I was a young girl watching you on TV I remarked you as a handsome good acting man. And now a bit older you are still great and goodlooking! Thank you Sam! Kim Marianne. The Netherlands/ France. May 22, 2010.

I have admired Sam for a number of years and he just seems to get better and better. I think his finest work is in "Dean Spanley" which I consider an absolute gem of a film. Sam is quite simply marvellous in the title role. Heather Kelly. N.Ireland. April 24, 2010.

A wonderful actor. I love it when he acts in medieval movies. Diane Blossey. Michigan U.S.A. April 14, 2010.

i find sam to be a mesmerising person in all his movies. very gentlemanly. that is an attractive and rare quality. i wish him all the very best! love the man!!! Mahsente Dunne. Ethiopian Irish. March 14, 2010.

How sad that Mr Neill has joined the list of 'personalities' ready to sell his integrity by appearing in a commercial for a bank. Doesn't he have enough money? I used to like him but my respect for him is now zero. mica. NZ. March 4, 2010.

He'll always be wonderful to me and I will always love him in HOSTAGE and Reilly wearing those gorgeous hats! Carolyn Downing. Mississippi. February 7, 2010.

I havent' been to this site in 2 years and it looks great. I haven't seen the new vampire movie yet, but it looks good. Keep up the good work gals! Marissa. Indiana USA. January 25, 2010.

Thanks so much for having this website, I absolutly love Sam Neill's Acting. I will always remember him as Dr Alan Grant from back wen i was growing up haha. But after seeing him recently after not seeing him for along time...... He did a GREAT job in the movie " Day Breakers". Now I want to get the rest of his movies and watch them all. Such a good actor. Mike Strong. Canada British Columbia. January 22, 2010.

OMG...thank you for this site!!!!!!! I can't express how much I love Sam. He's handsome, suave, sophisticated, talented...I love his voice and accent. He's my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shane. Mississippi. December 27, 2009.

Nice page, good subject matter. Looking forward to the Pinot Noir being available in a wine shop near me. Melanie Hansen. Centennial, Colorado USA. November 13, 2009.

Your page are wonderful, thanks for it!! I enjoy it. The best picture of sam... there are many. Two of my favorites are Kane and Abel and Dead in Brunswick. Sonia. México. September 13, 2009.

Just to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed your wonderful site. I am a great admirer of Sam's work and I am sure he must be so proud of what you have done for him here :). Thanks for everything Sam and to all at WSN! Kris.Scotland. September 11, 2009.

He is wonderful and fantastic actor and deserves more than many others Oscar. Mark Kaczmarek. Nelson Bay-Australia. July 20, 2009.

Hey Sam you are my hero. Jurassic Park was amazing and jp3. If there was any way you could send me your signature like on a photo or something. It would be the greatest birthday gift ever. Thanks Mr.Neill. Alex. Grand Rapids, Michigan. June 19, 2009.

Sam is one of the most talented actors and my personal favorite. Loved him in "The Piano". Best wishes. Sheila B. USA. April 22, 2009.

Sam you are my hero I love Jurassic Jark I use to dress like you when I went to school. I have home videos of me actting out stuff from the movie. I just would like to say thank you Sam. Alex. Grand Rapids, Mi. April 14, 2009.

What a nice website you have. I hope Sam Neill appreciates it, I guess he does, as I'm sure he would have said something by now. Sam is a great New Zealand actor. Anthony Last. Hastings, New Zealand. March 17, 2009.

I love Sam Neill. What a hunk! He is so versatile in his acting abilities. He can play any role. Ashley. Indiana. March 11, 2009.

Sam has to be the sexiest man I've seen. I love those lips, that smile, and those eyes! He's absolutely gorgeous! It would be a dream come true to actually meet him or get his autograph, something. I know I would become weak in the knees if I ever did. I love this website. I don't think there are still a lot of women who are aware of who he is and how good his work his. Leah Flynn. Indianapolis, Indiana. March 11, 2009.

To me, Sam is the sexiest man alive. I never get tired of looking at him. It would be a dream come true to actually meet him or see him up close, but then, I would probably be so overwhelmed, I wouldn't be able to talk. I've seen so many of his movies that it's hard to pick a favorite, but I loved him in Jurassic Park. I think that's when I really noticed him and thought he was so handsome. Any movie with Sam in it is great, especially if there are love scenes with his clothes off. He's so gorgeous!! Leah Flynn. Indianapolis, Indiana. March 11, 2009.

Sam i love u will you please come back to the set of jurassic park for jurasic park 4 i love your role as Dr. Alan Grant u are sooo awesome please come back to jurassic park 4; because i grew up with the movies, and i first saw it after i was a little over a year old, i know im only 12 but i would DIE if jurassic park 4 didnt come out i would see it 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times and i would buy the DVD. Ashley Walker. Versailles, indiana usa ;but i live in cincinnati ohio. February 15, 2009.

For Sam: Just love your acting and hope to soon love your wine, as soon as I can find someone locally who carries it. For WSN staff: Wonderful site and thank you for having it up where the rest of us can come and learn a little more and share mutual adoration! Cheers! Amber Waggoner. Tacoma, Washington, USA. February 12, 2009.


sam neill is my fav actor. he is the perfect definition of perfect man. Sambo. india. November 14, 2008.

Awesome site!! mr l. BC Canada. November 7, 2008.

oh I love this actor. unfortunately one does not see it watching television with us in Germany in so often. SAM is for me one of the best actors. particularly as merlin. there it is simple upsetting. however already these eyes. if it regard to one ...... all good, all dear to the birthday wishes Brigitte. Germany. September 15, 2008.

happy birthday mr. neill. Brigitte. Germany. September 14, 2008.

I think you´ve done a GREAT work. Really love this site! Keep it up! Lisa. Sweden. September 4, 2008.

Dear Nora, Thanks for Ur reply. I want to keep contact with Mr. Sam Neill.I want to speak to him !! How can I contact him., Help me ., Bye. Bala. India. August 1, 2008.

I am a Great fan Mr. sam Neill. i would like to see his movies always. I want to meet him atleast once in my life. I pray to God , he should live in this world more than Hundred years. Bala. India. July 27, 2008.

Ou yeh! I just like his acting, I always love his style acting. And i am see Jurassic Park 1 and 3 many, many times. He is good. He can take his space all time where he is. Rea. Finland. July 4, 2008.

97 degrees here today in Santee, Cooling off by browzing the site...Love clicking on that pic,thats cool!!! he is so refreshing to look at and listen too. PATTY REAVIS. Sizzling Santee, California. May 17, 2008. i love you....... Abd Ahrhaman. May 11, 2008. >This is so strange that I be here on this site. I know who Sam Neill is but I don't go around THINKING OF HIM OR JUST CRUSHING ON HIM but of all things dreamed of him last night. He was on top of a roof in a small town in East Texas I use to live in. I kept hearing the words important in my dream and kept looking up at him as I watched him stand there looking down at me with such a mixture of joy, compassion and unbelief he was meeting me. This morning, I popped up and decided to find out about him. Just reading his bio, I see he stutters. My son stutters and he has been getting therapy, my daughter too has her moments. They are genetically disposed to it due to a case history with adults in the family still stuttering. Sometimes I wonder why I dream the crazy things I do, but maybe this dream was from above... I will research further and see if there is a book... interesting anyways. btw great page. He is quite a romantic fellow isn't he? Robyn. Mckinney Texas. May 3, 2008.

Hey nice work girls .... I like the new look and you can see all the work you lovely ladies have put into this site ... it's not easy keeping up with him. Chriss Green. Australia. April 20, 2008.

love him love him love him love him love him love him love him love him LOVE HIM !!!!!!!!! lol xxxx =] Nicolle. scotland. March 26, 2008.

I think one of the best movies Sam Neill did was the mini series Kane and Abel. This was my favourite. to be honest Sam is a versatile Actor who can play any character from the Omen to Robbery Underarms for example. I like him the best of any actor because he can do every character possible which makes him so talented and wonderful. Fiona. Australia. March 25, 2008.

The very first time I saw Sam Neill was in the movie "Ivanhoe" I was very young then, but I still think now, as I thought then, that he is the most handsome man alive. Of course he is a great performer, a great actor. But "Ivanhoe" in particular captured me, and I will always remember the first time I saw that movie! BR from Sweden. Henrietta. Älmhult, Sweden. March 16, 2008.

Hello Sam in movies you look great you are awesome. Matthew Alexander. March 3, 2008.

Can I buy your Wine in Weestern Canada. Thank You. Virginia. Armstrong Canada. March 2, 2008.

I met Sam Neill today - 29th feb 08 - in oxford street shopping and he was a lovely kind gentleman - i enjoyed all of his films - he has an impeccable calm about him and is very suave. Susan Norris. London and Bettystown, Co. Meath. February 29, 2008.

Hey I think you are a great actor and I read the lost world Jurassic Park and I'm done with that one now I'm on the first one. I wrote this one paper thats about cloning and I'm only 9 years old. Then I wrote this paper about cells because if you want to clone you need to have cells. And do you know anything about Jurassic Park 4. Matthew Alexander. Pennsylvania. February 21, 2008.

Great Actor and quite handsome besides. He has it all! Debbie Ruffin. Laurel, MS, USA. February 4, 2008.

Hi, I was in Christchurch recently and found the art gallery there has a tour narrated by Sam Neill. You can listen to it here.... I enjoyed your site, Paul. Paul Cameron. Auckland, New Zealand. December 30, 2007.

I am a child and your cool real cool i would like to meet you sometime please. Junior. England. December 22, 2007.

I am a really big fan of jurassic park 1 & 3 cause sam neil[dr.grant is in then. Junior. England. December 22, 2007.

Sam seems like a really really nice guy, and besides that he's a great actor :). I'd like to meet him once. Keep up the good work Sam :) Rob. Holland. December 12, 2007. >What can I say ?he is absolutely wonderful as an actor as a man,he is one of those actors that you can see a thousands of time but you never get bored with him.I've been recently to try to collect all his movies but unfortunately most of them are in spanish,I'd prefer them in english to hear his voice and enjoy his acting.I'm adddicted to Sam I need more!!!!!!! Angelica Carvajal. Chile, Southamerica. November 25, 2007.

I have admired Sam Neill as an actor for many years. I think he is handsome and "cool". Love his movies. My favorite is "The Hunt for Red October". He is great in that movie. Maria S. Celis. New Jersey. October 18, 2007.

always have loved sam since i was small, and love the site it is very nice indeed. tracie lee. gt yarmouth England. October 17, 2007.

This site is really really fantastic! I like Sam. My favourite films are: The Final Conflict, The Piano, Jurassic Park, Sally Hemings - An American Scandal.... I wish good work for you! Bye! Nora Roth. Hungary. October 12, 2007.

No me canso de mirar tus paginas en internet eres fantastico...para mi gusto el mejor actor...y ademas guapisimo un verdadero galan tu admiradora de siempre Ange. Chile. October 10, 2007. (Translation: I don't get tired reading your pages on internet, you are fantastic...much to my liking, he is best actor... and good looking, handsome guy. your admirer always, Ange.)

Just discovered this man, who is a very sexy Cardinal Wolsey in The Tudors. Mmmm! Mary. England. October 5, 2007.

I haven't been to this site in over a year and it still looks great! Keep up the good work, gals! Marissa. Merrillville, IN. September 30, 2007.

Hello. What a fabulous website. Thank you. The photographs are wonderful. So many! I wish there was a message board where we could wake up and talk about Sam. I miss you Sam. Sometimes I go months without writing, but he knows I am there. New Zealand looks magnificent, and the sky seems to be the attracting force. I understand there are 1000 sheep to every person. That should be interesting to see. Well, that's it for now. I may sign this again and again. I just need to be connected to my Sam. Love, Andria xo. Andria. Florida. September 27, 2007.

I love Sam. Angelina. California. September 26, 2007.

Sam Neill is my favourite actor, there is something about this man that makes him extremely attractive!I love his appearance and the way he handles his roles as an actor.He manages to make a nice film even more interesting and successful and our lifes less boring!!!Thank u for all Sam!!! With love,Olga one of your many fans! Olga. Greece. September 14, 2007.

Happy 60th, Sam Neill! Enjoy your DAY! the best wishes from Brigitte. Germany. September 14, 2007.

I have been a 'Sam fan' for a very long time, I like all his movies, especially 'Dead Calm'. As I am too late to send a 60th birthday card, I wish him all the best for a fantastic day and wish him well for the future. Regards. Mary Ann Porteous. Edinburgh, Scotland. September 12, 2007.

I love so much watching Sam Neill in films!!!He always seems to be dynamic, i mean it was fascionating when i saw him acting so dynamic''In the mouth of madness''.I have the impression that he is a very interesting person!!!Mmmm Sam my handsome hero!You look lovely!Take care! Maria. Greece. September 9, 2007.

love your web page and love all the pics of sam. iv loved him for years. just been watching OMEN 3: THE FINAL CONFLICT. great film and a great actor. Xxxx. Sue. chorley, lancashire. england. August 12, 2007.

Since the first time I ever saw Sam Neill on screen I've thought he was an incredible actor and incredibly sexy! I can't put my finger on what exactly it is about him, I think it's the entire package! This website is fantastic for getting my fix of Sam whenever I need it because I find watching his movies just isnt enough sometimes! Out of all of his movies the one that touched me most I think would be The Piano, Sam was able to convey ever-so-slowly the growing likeability of his character, at first all we see is his vanity but then through the movie I think there is a side that just wants to love and be loved. And despite the finger-cutting incident I think his character showed such humility admitting defeat and allowing his wife to be happy with another man. Its a brilliant film and I think without him would've not been half as good. Lets face it, the guys just awesome! Emma. Devon, UK. August 6, 2007.

Hello I'm a huge fan yours. Your are very talented, i've been a fan off yours for a long time. And just love how you act. Your best films r JP1 and 3 Sirens dead calm. I hope you star in jp 4. P.S All the best to you. Morven. Scotland. June 13, 2007.

Sam your a great actor. Colleen. IL. June 11, 2007.

I just love this website, it is so very well done, the photos beautiful. Was so happy to find it as I think Sam Neill is one of the most wonderful actors alive. Martine Gibson. France and Australia. June 1, 2007.

whew love your page coz i love sam neill so much ^^ thank you. size13. Ruhrgebiet, Germany. May 31, 2007.

First, what an incredible job you've done on this site! A real labor of love;) I first became a fan a few years ago when I saw "The Final Conflict" on Tv. In the hands of a lesser actor, Damien could have been mustashe-twirling & dead obvious...But Sam conveyed a poisonous charm. I seek out and watch just about anything that has Sam in it. And on top of that he's a talented director, too. Beyond everything, though, I really connect with his idealism and his dry humour. The actor is the lens through which the characters are seen. That's why Sam's wonderful to watch act a role. It would be the dream of my small life to meet him someday, or better yet, work with him! All the Best, Leslie C. U.S. April 13, 2007.

I remember Sam Neill as Dr. Grant in Jurassic Park, but it wasn't until I saw him as Thomas Jefferson in the CBS mini-series Sally Hemings that I really fell in love with him as an actor (and as a male specimen - his eyes are especially beautiful). I'm excited to see him in The Tudors, though as a fan of that period of history, I know that as Cardinal Wolsey he's not in for a happy ending! He's on my short list of actors that would make my life complete if(when) I get the chance to meet them. I love your site, keep up the great work! Emily. Iowa, USA. April 2, 2007.

Wow, when I found this website, i was overjoyed! I just ADORE Sam Neill, and I was very pleased with the great pics you have posted on your site! ROCK ON, SAM! Isabeau. Canada. March 5, 2007.

Thanks Ladies! New Wallpaper and new TP ad are very good. Preceding Wallpaper and TP ad also are remarkable. I save up all. Mr. Sam Neill is my one and only love, gladness and happiness. Elena. Moscow, Russia. February 15, 2007.

I am fifteen years old. I've noticed Sam Neill as an actor since I was quite young, but it wasn't until around the start of last year when I really started to what my friends call "obsess" over him. Not that I obsess, they just exaggerate. =D Sam Neill is, in my opinion, one of the best actors in the world. He is very charming and charismatic on screen, not to mention very, very handsome. I would just like to say that this is the greatest site ever and I go on it every day to see if it's updated. I really hope I meet Mr. Neill one day, I already have a signed photograph from him! *yay!* Oh yes, I also wanted to say thank you for posting a link to the third red meat ad. It is absolutely hilarious! I can't wait 'til I see it on TV! Anyway that's about enough from me. Sam Neill forever! Cristina. Cristina Spizzica. Victoria, Australia. February 10, 2007.

The Triangle were shot in Cape Town and my daughter, Johlene, was one of the extras. She was very impressed with SAM and I have a photo at home of her and Sam that was taken in the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town during the shoot - maybe he remembers her? She wore a navy uniform. I love watching SAM's movies - and he is a real role model to me. When can the Triangle be seen in South Africa All the best SAM - you're one of a kind. Lynette. CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA. February 2, 2007.

Hello,i am a big fan and i think you are the best ! Rene. Germany. January 25, 2007.

I am a *big* fan of Sam Neills', since I saw the first Jurassic Park in 1993. He's gorgeous and brilliant; what's not to love? I'm loving the new website; great work, ladies. Sarah Wilm. Wilmot, SD. January 14, 2007.

Sam Neill is truly one of the world's finest actors. I admire him for his many accomplishments and versatility as an actor. Robin Mungo-Keith. Sumter, South Carolina, USA. December 21, 2006.

hi im 13 years old and from scotland.Sam neill is the best actor in the world ! i would love to meet him!he seems really cool.anyway thanks hehe please write back!!! Nicolle. Scotland. December 13, 2006.

I am from Northern Germany, 26 years old and I think our Sam is an absolutly absolutly wonderful actor and he looks very very sexy :-) I saw him at first in "Death in Brunswich" and since then.... (I think it was in the year 1995)... I simply LOVE HIM !!!!!!! .-) I wrote to his autograph adress in England and in Australia, but the autograph which I got was shrink-wrap :-) Of course it stands to reason that he has not a lot of free time... I hope your page will be online for a long, long, loooooooooooooong time because there are not so much Sam Neill webpages unfortunately. Greetings from GERMANY; ALMA. November 30, 2006.

Great thanks for this remarkable website with various and interesting information abouth the most splendid actor and the most beautiful man of the modern cinematograph - Mr. Sam Neill. Elena. Moscow, Russia. November 20, 2006.

Great to have a site like this full of information. Keep up the good work. I like the Piano but so many others too. Stevie. Wales. November 8, 2006.

I really liked when you played in jurassic park. One day i hope i play in a dinosaur movie just like you. Was it fun to play in jurassic park? your biggest fan. Nick Banks. Monroe, Ohio. October 19, 2006.

One of my favorite actors! Great site! Please keep us fans updated! Mike. California, US. October 1, 2006.

I was looking up a movie of Sam Neills which I wanted to rent, couldn't remember the name so I looked up this site, found the movie (Perfect Strangers), can't wait to watch it. But having said that, I just want to say this has been very interesting reading about Sam Neill. He is a gifted Actor and I hope he makes alot more movies. Thank you for your time. Yours truly Linda. Kamloops, B.C. Canada. September 30, 2006.

I think Sam Neilll is a great actor, and a handsome man, and i am his fan. Rosemary. Brazil. September 29, 2006.

Have been a fan for many years but find it difficult in getting a lot of his films to play on our DVD system. Wish more could be adapted for our system here. Fantastic to have a site for him. Stephanie. Wales United Kingdom. September 14, 2006.

I am a big fan of Mr. Sam Neill, of his films and his Two Paddocks. The best movies I have seen was Framed and Merlin. Happy Birthday Mr. Neill!!!!! Best regards!!!!! Elena, Moscow, September 12 2006

Really great site. I've been a Sam Neill fan ever since I saw the light of day. He's the best!!!!!! Birgitta. Sweden. September 5, 2006.

I am a young Sam Fan (more than half his age though). I have only seen a handful of his movies so far but I can hardly wait to catch up on all his other movies that he has done in the past. I have to say that my favorite so far is Merlin, and now I am in great anticipation of watching the sequel, Merlin's Apprentice, tomorrow night on the Hallmark Channel (9-2-2006). Your web site is awesome. I have spent so much time flipping through your pictures and reading up on this great, and oohhh so good looking man. Thank you for such a comprehensive web page. I so wish I could meet him in person...that would be the best!!!! Farah. Arkansas, USA. September 2, 2006.

I first found out how great Sam Neil was when I saw him in the role of Vasily Borodin. I also loved him in Triangle and in Merlin. But ‘Vasya’ is my favorite Neill character. He’s wonderful. Great site, by the way! It’s nice to know that there are other like-minded folks out there! T’Chel Shaw. Elma, WA, USA. August 5, 2006.

HI there, i am a huge Sam Neill fan! i love this website especially all the pics of my fav man! Kate. UK. August 3, 2006.

In my last comment, I said that I wasn't sure if Mr. Neill signed it. Actually, I think he did because I mailed the letter and photo to Australia and it returned back to me. The letter that I received wasn't returned from Australia, but from New Zealand. And y'all know how much he talks about New Zealand. So, it's probably a 90% chance that he was the one who signed it. I have the photo in a frame and it's hanging on a wall in one of my rooms. So, probably, he might be the one who will sign your photos and stuff. Marissa. July 30, 2006.

hi, i appreciate very much what xou have created right here..this portal is a paradise for all sam neill fans...i have been a fan of his since i was a girl...i like his work and i think it is very inspiring...actually iam acting too in my hometown...i read abput sam neills work for young talents over in new zealand and that makes him even more u know if i would get an answere if i would write to his office with the request for an autograph???? please keep up updating and trading this site it is simply great! many loverly greetings Nicole. Germany. July 24, 2006.

Always wanted to know what it was like for him to play Satans Son? I think he is a wonderful acotr but he played Damien Thorn a little too convincing. debi slater. bremerton Washington. July 22, 2006.

The website is pretty cool. Sharon Gibson. Alamogordo, New Mexico. July 3, 2006.

Dakota clued me in onto your site! I loved it! Laura. New Jersey, USA. June 17, 2006.

Hey, thanks for the fan mail address. I used the one for Australia and I mailed it out sometime between December 2005 and January 2006. I got the autographed photo back (although I don't if Mr. Neill was the one who signed it) on May 20, 2006. At first, I thought that I wouldn't get it back but I did. Thanks for the fan mail address it really works. Marissa. May 23, 2006.

From WSN Corkboard: Oh, and yes this site is REALLY great! I just love the message board especially. I am finally convinced that other people feel the same as I do about Mr. Neill. My husband had me thinking otherwise - "Sam WHO!?!" Momo. May 24, 2006.

Sam Neill is a great actor... my all-time favourite film of his was definitely "Perfect Strangers:" i loved him from the start. Bree. United States. May 19, 2006.

I have been a fan of Sam in 5 years now. I have seen 30 movies of him. The best movies I have seen was Enigma and Jurassic Park 1 and now I am waiting for Jurassic Park 4. He's the actor number 1. Johanna. April 27, 2006.

First of all wow what a great website. I've just about overdosed on Sam if that is possible. I've loved Sam ever since Omen 3 so I've been a fan for over 20 years. (I'm 36) He's so perfect those dreamy blue eyes and sexy smile, I love the way a few strands of hair often fall across his forehead...Hmmmm Favourite film by far is Merlin. Sam is just stunning as Merlin....Hmmmm yum One thing about Sam is the older he gets, the sexier he gets. Lucky for us fans. XXXXX. Mel. Somerset, England. April 17, 2006.

Brilliant site. Easily on par with what was, until recently, his official site. Great stuff, good quality pics, especially JP3! Radarck. Hampshire, England. April 14, 2006.

Why I can`t find my favorite actor`s movies in Moscow?! And I`m not onely one!!! Please! Mr Neill should came and bring some! (I mean a 70-th movies) Kisses from Russia! Irina. Russian Federation. March 31, 2006.

I am Chinese super fans of yours!I heard that you will not, never, no way, ever be in ¡°Jurassic Park 4¡± movie, but you rise to fame for it. Wherever people talk about this movie, they will mention your name-- Sam Neill! Now, many films and it¡¯s second one ¡¢third one is all the same person to act in Hollywood film. I hope I can see you in film of ¡°Jurassic Park 4¡±. ZhengWen. China. March 24, 2006.

I am a fan of Sam's acting, and i loved him in Jurassic Park one and three. Shame he wasn't in two. Awesome site, keep it up. I'll add it into my favourites, once again awesome. Sam (No Not Sam Neill) haha. England. March 14, 2006.

I think Sam Neill is the best actor in the World, in the name of God ! I have a request,Can you give me a your signature photograph? Please answer me quickly ! Zheng wen. China. March 14, 2006.

Hi there! Last week-end I was an extra on "Paradise" (an other title of "Angel"), now shooting in Brussels. Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to meet Sam Neill but even just to see him was graet. It's rather rare te see such a big star shooting in Belgium! Damien. Belgium. March 1, 2006.

I like mr Neill's acting character in the movie but I don't know him well and he seems a nice and kind man, first movie I saw, was DEAD CALM and best movie I think is HORSE WHISPERER and I like COUNTRY LIFE and THE DISH too :). Friend. Japan. February 2, 2006.

Sam Neill is my fave Actor and I'm 12-years-old and I'm trying to create a film called The Death Road and I would like Sam Neill to be in it I've already started writing to Stan Winston to create the creature and then I'm going to writing to Steven Spielberg to help me to direct and thats about it but Sam your my hero even if you don't want to be in my movie if I end up making it. Robert Gray. Australia. January 19, 2006

hey i think sam neill is champ he is 1 if not my fav actor i really like the jurassic park movies:) Adrian wells. Australia. December 28, 2005

I've been a huuuge fan of Sam for more than 15 years. Imho, he is the most wonderful, attractive and grandiose actor in the world! My favourite film is Merlin, he was BRILLIANT in it. I've fallen in love with his voice and his beautiful eyes. :) No one could be compared to him. I envy his wife. :) I wish I could meet him personally one day...but, oh, I know this is just impossible. I do hope he lives a happy life, if someone, he really deserves the best! I wish he would live for long, and it would be possible to see more movies from him. I cannot stop thinking of him every day. He charmed me forever! Lots of hugs, Veronika from Hungary. Budapest, Hungary. December 18, 2005.

I've been a fan of Sam Neill for ten years. My favorite is Event Horizon. He did a great job portraying, the creepy, Dr. Weir. I haven't seen all of his movies since some of them aren't available in the USA. But, he is still a great actor. Marissa. Indiana, USA. December 12, 2005.

Thank you very much for this great web page. I have spent about 3 hours here. Interesting informations, beautiful photographs... I have seen Sam for the first time, when he was Merlin (and hopefully will be again). His acting showed me the way to Tintagel, Arthur and the old way. Thank you very much, Sam, for a new (old) way in my life... Joyrider. Germany. November 24, 2005.

Your my number 1 fan and i have 3 of your movies they are the jungle book, jurassic park, and jurassic park 3. Robert Gray, Australia. November 10, 2005.

Very nice site! Keep up the good work. It's informative and has good photos. I'm glad you got to try some the Two Paddocks wine; I don't think it's available in the US. I checked his site and there are no longer any distributors listed for the US. Thanks! PS: I think The Piano is my favorite Sam Neill film. Jen Smith. central Pennsylvania, United States. October 27, 2005.

Hi all! I liked so much this site,You are great all:) I could come know every people here if I can done:) sorry my english is horrible,but I tried this:D oh by the way,my name is Gabriella:) kisses and hugs for you:) bye:) Black Angel, Budapest, Hungary. August 22, 2005

Great website! I love the photos and other information about Sam. There's enough info to be satisfying, and not so much that it's overwhelming. I first really noticed Sam in "The Hunt for Red October", and I also like "Merlin"; however I'd have to say that "Reilly: Ace of Spys" is my favorite character - so far. Karen Hawkins. Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. August 25, 2005

wow sam neill well i just want to say im a big fan of your JP work i have all the movies and the making of them all well email me back.  brad lutz.  Pennsilvania.  August 3, 2005


I've been a fan for many years and truly appreciate Sam as a talented actor and a definite heartbreaker. I've seen almost all his movies.  Susan. London,Ontario,Canada. July 28, 2005


Five Words... 'In The Mouth Of Madness'. This film has got to be oe of the best films ever made,mainly because of sam's presence! I had a little difficulty understanding the story line, and still have a few quesions to those who aren't to busy to answer. (Please get in touch with me through E-mail). Also, after constant examination, I have finally realsed that Sam Neill is the Ideal replacment for pierce brosnans role as 'James Bond' (Agent 007). Vote Sam Neill as Best Actor! Zack. P.S. This Site is Smooooth ;)

Zack Vale.  Manchester  July 15, 2005


I just found your beautiful site and I love it!!  Konfetka.  Yamaika . June 13, 2005


Your Web Site is really wonderful and i bookmarked it. Thank your for the hard work you must have put in to create this wonderful facility.  Sambuca. Nevada. June 10, 2005.


I am 9 years old and I think Mr Neill is the best. I have 10 of his movies. The best is Jurassic Park III because he looks really good. I like Bicentennial Man too, but he dies.  Jessica E.  Queensland, Australia.  May 4, 2005.


sam is awesome, and he is better looking than george clooney by a mile.  sam lover.  u.s.  April 22, 2005.


sam neill is definatley the best actor, and it is ashame he isn't recognized better. i am so glad i am not the only one who likes him!!!! he deserves a lot more fans than he has, and he is just so awesome! his best movie is merlin, or jurassic park.  Ashley.  Florida.  April 22, 2005.


think that Sam Neill is awesome. I remember seeing him in the movie Jurassic Park when I was young. Ever since I saw him I couldn't help but notice his eyes, the way he talks, and his outgoing.  Sarah Brockner. United States.  April 1, 2005.


I am only 12 years old but I love Sam Neill!! I think he is the greatest!! Not only is he a great actor but he takes a great picture!! I have only seen few of his movies but when you see 1 you can't help but get lost in his beutiful eyes. Even now as he gets older his eyes are still what you notice right away. Thanks to your group I can send him fan mail to tell him how much I adore him!! Until I found your group on the net I was begining to think I was the only one who really like or knew about him. But I knew that couldn'tn be true!! I thank you very much for appreciating him. I wuold appreciate it if you would e-mail me back. My favorite Sam Neill movie is Merlin. From one Sam Neill lover to another, Thanks.  Kaitlyn. Baraboo, Wisconsin.  February 21, 2005.


I think that Mr Neill is the best actor on the world!!!He's so talented and good looking .Ilove him!!I had a look many his films and I enjoy it they was fantastic!! My english isn't very good so I can did some mistakes-Sorry. Paula. Poland.  January 14, 2005.


I think that Sam Neill is the greatest actor on whole world!!!.I admire his talent since I've seen Jurassic Park(I was six).I didn't see every his films.But i think that Merlin, Jurassic Park(1and3)and Dead Calm was great!! I love him!!  Dana.  Poland.  January 10, 2005.


Your Site is great! I like Sam Neill, but I can't see Sam Neill so often in TV and that's really bad. I like films with Sam Neill! He is a really good actor!!!!!!! :-))  Ulrike.  Germany.  January 8, 2005.


Great site for a GREAT actor and a kind and interesting man. Not to mention the eyes and smile. I'm not sure he's done his greatest role on film yet, but his greatest role in life has been as a loving and understanding friend and family man. Please keep it up, Sam. And, Oh, those eyes!!!  Nellie van der Bloemen.  Peoria, Arizona, USA.  September 30, 2004.


Hey, I just wanted to say that I love your website!!! i'm a huge fan of Sam Neill as well!! you guys did a great job, keep up the good work!!!  Megan Stewart.  August 1, 2004.


Dir Sam, You had trilled me with Your brilliance entertaining rendition from Your earliest films to the most recents, I'm fond of You.Your Works are remarkable for me not only action, but in fairytale, too (as Merlyn).   Emiliana Szalanczi.  Hungary.  April 14, 2004.


My son, Bart 6 years old, is a very big fan from Dr.Alan Grant in Jurassic parc.He wants to be like him, talking to the dinosaurs and so on. If anyone can let me know how to talk with dinosaurs, please let us known !!! I (Bart's mother)saw a few movies with Mr Sam Neill, and they are quiet good. He's a very charming actor with a very beatiful face. Many greetings from Belgium. Bart and Martine.  Martine Van Machelen.  Belgium.  Febuary 25, 2004.


Ooh. Well done, girls! :c) Bookmarked it and everything! Oh, and Sam's absolutely fantastic!. Sofia. Sweden. January 19, 2004.


Sam Neill...words cannot describe this terrific and astounding being that gracefully captures the viewers eyes with his fantastic acting ability. Sam Neill is a wonderful man, and if I ever had the chance to shake his hand, I would probably faint. Same Neill, good luck on life and your career as one of the best actors there are!  Ryan L. WA. November 13, 2003.


Hallo Mr Neill. First thing I have to tell you that you are a great Actor. Merlin is my Favourate Film. You did a great Job. I don^t think the "real" Merlin was so attractive like you. Best Luck.  SHEHEZAN KHAN. Switzerland. September 17, 2003.


I am a really big fan of Mr. Sam Neill, he's the greatest actor and he is so cute....Here, in my country, he's not really a famous actor ( we Dutch (and not Deutch, that's German and I am certainly not a German) people are really stupid, aren't we?) but I am his biggest fan in my country...What I think is his finest movie, is of course Merlin, that movie (or acctually a mini-serie) is soo great..I love him in that movie.... Nice and helpful website by the way..good job :P  Maaike Hoekstra. the Netherlands (Europe). July 21, 2003.